“We Must Change Our Thinking”

Since its launch, Safe Streets & Second Chances has received much feedback and support from people who have read about the program. Today, we’re publishing a note we recently received from a reader who highlighted a personal story about why second chances matter to him. Note: this letter has been slightly edited for grammar and punctuation.

I wanted to share a short story that has had me thinking about this exact topic for years. Several years ago, we had a young man working for us through a temporary service. He had proven himself and we proceeded to hire him as a full-time employee.

Unfortunately, due to a background check and the company policy at that time we were not allowed to hire him because of some criminal activities in his past. I can only imagine how this young man must have felt that he had paid his debt to society, proven his value, but could not secure a full-time employment. I felt his pain – thinking he has family, hopes, and dreams just like we all do. I went home that evening and told my family the story and stressed to my children this is why you do not want to break the law.

I know times have changed and so has our hiring policy, but this one experience made me realize that we must change our thinking and realize that there is a sizable population of people who deserve that second chance and helping them to succeed can only strengthen our communities.

I think Safe Streets & Second Chances is a great initiative that has potential to impact society as a whole.

So, thank you and Koch Industries leadership for realizing the need and committing resources to the issue.

Thank you,

Dave Lambert

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