The White House’s Principles for Prison Reform and Reentry Should be Applauded

Washington, D.C. – The White House has issued a list of principles that are aimed at guiding federal efforts to reform the country’s prisons and give incarcerated individuals a better chance of successfully reentering society after they are released.

Mark Holden, Koch Industries Senior Vice President / General Counsel and Safe Streets & Second Chances Advisory Council Chairman, issued the following statement:

“We support the White House’s principles for prison and reentry reform. These guidelines will ensure that reforms to our system increase public safety, improve our communities, and strengthen families by creating second chances for individuals who want to become productive members of society. We are excited to continue working with the White House and in states to implement evidence-driven approaches that reduce crime and recidivism and open doors for millions of people who have served their time and are hungry for a real second chance.”

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The principles issued by the White House yesterday include the following:

  • Effectively use government resources to reduce crime, enhance public safety, and increase opportunity, thereby improving the lives of all Americans.
  • Evaluate current incentives for participation in reentry programs and develop improvements that tie successful completion of programming to incentives while incarcerated.
  • Promote the successful reentry of federal inmates through the evaluation and implementation of evidence-based recidivism reduction and reentry programs.
  • Enhance existing risk and needs assessment tools and classification processes to ensure all inmates are given access to recidivism reduction programs that meet their needs.
  • Expand access to prison work programs to allow all eligible inmates who want to work to gain job skills while incarcerated and prepare for successful reentry into society.
  • Evaluate and facilitate public- and private-partnerships that improve pre- and post-release employment opportunities for inmates.
  • Prioritize funding and support for Federal programs that have proven to help reduce State prison recidivism.

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