President Trump Absolutely Right that Prison Reform Will Create Second Chances

Washington, D.C. – During a speech today in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, President Trump echoed the call for prison reform that he made in his State of the Union address.

“We can reform our prison system to help those who have served their time get a second chance at life,” the president said.

Safe Streets & Second Chances Chairman Mark Holden and Advisor Brooke Rollins issued the following statement:

“We are truly heartened to see the president generating momentum to reform our prison policies and give millions of individuals the second chances they deserve while keeping our communities safe. The president understands that one of the goals of prison should be to prepare individuals to successfully reenter society so that they are able to live productive and meaningful lives once they are released. We’re excited to be breaking ground on a new initiative that will study various approaches to helping individuals transition back into their communities after they’ve paid their debt to society, and we thank the president for continuing to highlight this critically important issue.”

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