How This One Move Could Help the Formerly Incarcerated Successfully Return to their Communities 

This week, President Trump signed an executive order establishing the Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry. This panel of experts will discuss the best ways to prevent crime and improve rehabilitation and reentry programs. Its goal is to lower crime and recidivism rates, but also to assist former offenders as they become productive members of society.

In remarks given to the press, the president stressed the difficulty many former offenders have when they reenter society, specifically in reentering the job market. Many are unable to obtain gainful employment because of their past criminal records. The president stated that many are “phenomenal employees” once they can get a job – they just need the chance to get one.

This new council will review and report on treatment options, education opportunities and mentorship programs that would help offenders plan for reentry while they are incarcerated and guide them back into society once they are released.

Safe Streets & Second Chances Advisory Council Chairman Mark Holden applauded President Trump’s efforts in reforming and strengthening reentry programs for former offenders. “We support the President’s focus on rehabilitation through evidence-based programs aimed at lowering recidivism rates, easing incarcerated individuals’ reentry into our communities, reducing future incarceration costs and promoting positive social and economic outcomes,” Holden said.