Education can Break the Cycle of Crime. Here’s how Hudson Link is Making that Happen

In the state of New York, 42 percent of the men and women released from prison will return within just three years.

The odds are stacked against those re-entering their communities.

The difficulty of re-entry

Over 60 percent of formerly incarcerated individuals have less than eight years of formal education. With a criminal record following them to the interview process, finding stable employment can be an uphill battle.

Many return to the same activities that brought them to prison into the first place.

It’s a vicious cycle, but education is one key to breaking it.

The impact of education

That’s where Hudson Link steps in.

For more than two decades, Hudson Link has provided quality education by partnering with eight colleges and five prisons across the state of New York. They work with hundreds of individuals in prison, knowing that one day, these men and women will use those skills to provide for themselves and their families.

What’s more, Hudson Link offers an active and connected alumni network that helps those re-entering their communities find and maintain employment. Graduates even function as mentors, tutors and exam proctors to those looking to follow the same path of success.

Everyone benefits from Hudson Link

More than 98 percent those enrolled in Hudson Link never return to prison. That means safer communities and transformed lives. It also means repaired and reunited families.

For New York, it means a smaller burden on taxpayers. It costs $60,000 per person per year to incarcerate someone. Hudson Link gives those re-entering their communities the tools to succeed and stay out of prison for $5,000.

As a result, New York saves over $21 million per year.

Over 450 students enroll in Hudson Link annually. With more than 600 degrees awarded by partnering colleges to graduates, Hudson Link transforms hundreds of lives for the better, providing them with a sense of accomplishment, success and purpose.

Learn more about Hudson Link’s mission and history here. And be sure to read some of the inspiring success stories.

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