Business Coalition Writes Congress to Highlight Principles for Prison and Reentry Reform

Arlington, VA – Today, Safe Streets & Second Chances released a new letter from a coalition of businesses to Congress outlining a series of principles aimed at reducing recidivism and creating second chances for formerly incarcerated individuals.

The group, which includes Butterball Farms, Inc., Checkr, Inc., Koch Industries, Inc., Spirit Aerosystems, Inc., and Uber Technologies, Inc., points out that America’s prisons are not adequately rehabilitating offenders using the best available research and data. Citing the importance of the type of independent research that Safe Streets & Second Chances is currently conducting, the letter urges Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) to consider policies that expand evidence-driven programs proven to help offenders successfully reenter society.

Click here to view the letter and the coalition’s recommended principles for Congress.

Koch Industries Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mark Holden issued the following comment:

“The vast majority of incarcerated individuals will one day be released back into our communities, so it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that they return to society in better shape than when they entered prison. It is time for Congress to follow the lead of states like Texas by giving federal inmates the tools needed to rebuild their lives and become productive, law-abiding citizens. With April being Second Chance Month, now is the perfect time to start creating pathways to opportunity for individuals who have paid their debt and deserve another shot.”

Holden serves as Advisory Council Chairman of Safe Streets & Second Chances.


The new letter comes as U.S. House lawmakers get set to consider legislation requiring the nation’s federal prisons to focus on prisoner reentry. H.R. 3356, The Prison Reform and Redemption Act, would enable federal prisoners to participate in individualized, evidence-based programs to reduce their risk of reoffending.

States such as TexasGeorgiaUtahKentucky, and South Carolina have implemented comprehensive criminal justice reform policies that demonstrate it is possible to lower crime and increase public safety while reducing incarceration rates and saving taxpayer money. Safe Streets & Second Chances and its coalition partners believe similar reforms should be adopted at the federal level to improve our criminal justice policies nationally.

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Safe Streets & Second Chances is a project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and its Right on Crime initiative, with support from Koch Industries.